20130320_Protect Coloane

The location of SCORPIO ‘The End Of A Relationship‘ video is Coloane. Coloane is located south of Macau. It’s one of the main islands of Macau. Coloane is far from city and the fucking casinos, there are many old historic buildings, as well as the Macau’s highest hill and the only beach and bay in Macau. So I think Coloane is the only place in Macau which is peaceful and have the real nature. However, Coloane would be destroyed by an over hundred-meter residential project. This outrageous government project is comprised twenty to thirty stories with over 2,000 units, some of which are luxury apartments. That means this project will destroy a vast area of Coloane’s hills, and then the natural scenery and ecology of the Coloane area will lose. Despite recent controversy surrounding the high-rise, the developer maintains plan for this project and claimed that they are doing this in accordance with the law! This is completely nonsense! Bullshit!

Don’t continue to underestimate our capabilities, government!

Protect Coloane! Protect the nature! Don’t let them do that to us!

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SCORPIO at Creative Macau (The Center for Creative Industries in Macau) 9th Anniversary Ceremony on 28 Aug 2012

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