Mowave SOUNDSCAPE (Macao Electronic Music Compilation) out now!
01.Kaze Patricio Chan – I’m Falling Down
02.EVADE – 尋找佛洛依德的虛無飄渺 (Seeking For Mr. Freud)
03.nOISE808 – Too Low
04.Eva Tana – Situation
05.Carl Cixous – Echoes From Islay Island
06.Burnie – Narcissus
07.Faye Choi – Bond
08.N1D – The First Sight
09.Sinking Summer – Inblood
10.SYT – Melancholia
11.Lobo Ip – 東方紅 (Dong Fong Hong)
12.Sonia Ka Ian Lao – 花 (Flower)
13.e:ch & the forgottens – Swamp
14.Jansky.Hz – Alien Army March
15.SCORPIO-L – Mission Hypergiant

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